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Houston Overhead Garage Door Repair

About us

It all started years ago when we realized we had a desire to provide garage door service in Houston, Texas. We decided to go for it and form our own company.  That’s exactly what we did! We had to work extra hard because nobody had heard of us before. Luckily, that changed and we have forged a good reputation. Now we are well known for providing quality services for garage doors in the Houston area.About us

We decided to call ourselves Overhead Garage Door Repair Houston. After all, Houston is our hometown and we love it! We do things in very much the same way as we always did. We begin each day by double checking our inventory. Then we check our schedule of appointments. We study the issues and load our trucks with spare parts we might need. This preparation enhances service for our customers.

Our Reliable Garage Door Repair

Past customers can attest to our reliable garage door repair skills. We have done it for so long that it comes easily to us! Give us a call today and we’ll ensure the repair of any garage doors.

We do our very best to be a garage door company you can trust and depend on. It is definitely a good feeling knowing you did all you could to help a customer in need. We love what we do and it shows.

We also provide garage door opener repair for those of you with openers on your doors. They can sometimes malfunction after prolonged usage. This is caused by wear and tear. The very same thing happens to garage door springs. They can become damaged over time by wear and tear. Our talented techs know how to properly service these items.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to make sure these problems are fixed as quickly as possible. So, grab your phone and call us today for the best garage door service in Houston, TX.

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